Know What To Do When It Matters

Substance-related medical and psychological harm reduction training to keep your friends and loved ones safe

Our Goals





"When Disaster Strikes, The Time To Prepare Has Passed"

-S. Cyros

I walked into a party and noticed a friend was looking off...

I saw he was disoriented, knew he had taken some substances, and decided to go check on him. No one had noticed a problem was building, because the music was loud and everyone was having a good time. When I got to him his eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out. I caught him to break the fall, his skin turned a pale white, and it became clear we were having a real emergency– and I didn’t know what to do. After he recovered, I knew I never wanted myself or anyone else to be caught like that again, where a friend or loved one was in trouble and you don't know how to help. That’s why we set out to create the TripRescue course.










Some Of The Things You Will Learn

Substance Interactions & Explanations

Stop getting dangerous information from questionable sources. We include a clear, well-researched explanation of common substances and interactions from low-risk to toxic, including problematic supplements and non-drugs people commonly overlook.

How To Minimize Psychological Harm

"Bad trips" can cause serious and lasting psychological harm that affects a person’s everyday life. Learn the basics of how to reduce harm and walk someone back from an extreme experience.

A Step-By-Step Emergency Procedure

Be prepared when something goes wrong with a simple step-by-step emergency procedure to asses, respond, and possibly take life-saving action when the stakes are high.

The Legal Impact Of Calling For Help

Need to call for help but worried about the legal consequences? We created a guide that covers local laws for most english speaking areas, so this never stops you calling for help when it’s needed.

... and much more

This Is For You If...

You’re sick of confusing, conflicting, and incomplete online information and want a trusted concise explanation of the risks

You’re a parent, spouse, or friend of someone who experiments with substances and don’t want to feel helpless or frozen in an emergency

You want to know the legal ramifications of calling for help in your area explained in plain-english

You want a proven step-by-step guide on how to respond if someone passes out, is behaving erratically, or needs to be brought back to psychological safety


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people complete it in under 4 hours.  Modules are also conveniently named and searchable so you can revisit later and digest only what you need to know based on your environment.

No, this is a training and we are not emergency responders. In case of an emergency dial 9-1-1.

Each module is delivered in video format.  We also include various PDFs, images, and other resources for quick reference

While some of the content of this course was reviewed or created in collaboration with doctors, we are NOT doctors.  All information is delivered for informational purposes only.  You should consult with your doctor before making any decisions that may affect your health.

In this course we cover we cover MDMA, Lysergic Acid ("LSD"), psilocybin ("mushrooms"), ketamine, cocaine, gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid ("GHB"), and marijuana. 

We also, more briefly, cover a selection of other substances that can impact these, such as caffeine, alcohol, specific supplements, etc.

If you show you've completed the course and feel you didn't receive any value, we will issue you a full refund within 30 days of purchase

Download The State-By-State Legal Ramifications Cheat Sheet

A quick, clear, plain-english guide to understanding the legal ramifications of calling for help in your area, so you never have to worry about calling for help when it’s needed.

Short Disclaimer

WE ARE NOT DOCTORS OR LAWYERS.  The information offered on this page, in this course, or in any giveaways or downloads are offered for informational purposes only and SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED MEDICAL OR LEGAL ADVICE. Always consult with your doctor, who understands your unique medical history and circumstances before taking any action that may alter or affect your health.  Similarly, always consult with your attorney, who understands your unique legal history and the laws that govern your area before taking any action that may affect or alter your legal standing.  We DO NOT advocate the illegal usage of controlled substance.  Our intentions are simply to reduce harm, possibly save lives, and give piece of mind by offering well researched information on these topics.  This is an abbreviated disclaimer only, to read out full disclaimer please click the link below labelled “Disclaimer”.